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"The Resistance" to be Screened at Prestigious Cleveland International Film Festival

The short film The Resistance has been selected for screening at the Cleveland International Film Festival. The short narrative film, written and directed by Hemlock Films' Kara White and cinematography by Adam White, drops the audience into a tense standoff in a WWII café in occupied France. The Resistance was produced in Cleveland, Ohio by the Film Crew Intensive Training Workshop for Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C).

With a passion for history, Kara White wrote and directed the period drama as an ode to the real women and men who gave their lives fighting fascist invaders.

Founded in 1977, the Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) is among the longest running & largest film festivals in the USA. Drawing more than 100,000 film enthusiasts annually, CIFF is an Academy® qualifying festival, and one of seven Resident Companies of Playhouse Square.

The Film Crew Intensive Training program is a six-week course that provides condensed hands-on training by industry professionals, giving students the knowledge and exposure needed to acquire an entry-level position on film and media sets in Northeast Ohio. The last week of the workshop, students work on a professionally led film set, which can be used on a resume as their first film credit. The 2022 Workshop was a partnership with Hemlock Films, Tri-C and Garage Creative Studios.

The Resistance

Principal Cast - Diana Frankhauser, Logan Soland, Cole Aansen, Kathleen Zion, Andrew Kantonen


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