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Flight Cinema

Our specialty at Hemlock Films is Aviation Cinema, which is more than pretty aerial shots. We do excel at that, by the way. Aviation Cinema means great story telling; to dive deep into a story’s true nature and reveal its details and emotion.

Flight Cinema exists as a way for you, the public, to access the varied and compelling stories we have been fortunate enough to share.  From paperback books, to DVD & BluRay to digital video-on-demand, Flight Cinema is here as your conduit for historical storytelling.

Available Titles

The Restorers - Season 1

The Restorers Season 1 small.jpg

Beyond The Powder

Beyond the Powder small.jpg

The Restorers - 2003

dvd cover.jpg

Red Tail Reborn

new poster small.jpg

My Very Dearest Anna


"They successfully worked to discover the unique untold angles of a known story that has been captured by other authors and film makers to provide a new, fresh, and intriguing storyline."

 Lin Caywood -Sugarloaf Ninety-Nines

WASP Florence "Shutsy" Reynolds stand in front of a restorers WASP Stearman trainer

The Restorers - Season 1

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