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Flight Cinema

Our specialty at Hemlock Films is Aviation Cinema, which is more than pretty aerial shots. Aviation Cinema means great story telling; to dive deep into a story and use that to inspire and educate.

Flight Cinema exists as a way for you to access the compelling stories that we have been fortunate enough to share.  From paperback books, to DVD & BluRay to digital video-on-demand, Flight Cinema is here as your conduit to experience history.

Available Titles

The Restorers - Season 1

The Restorers Season 1 documentary series about people who restore airplanes PBS

Beyond The Powder

Beyond the Powder The Legacy of the First Women's Cross-Country Air Race in 1929 documentary PBS

The Restorers - 2003

The Restorers Giving History a Future documentary about restored airplanes

Red Tail Reborn

Red Tail Reborn Tuskegee Airmen documentary PBS

My Very Dearest Anna

My Very Dearest Anna by Kara Martinelli - book about WWII letters from Grandparents in the Pacific B24
WASP Florence Shutsy Reynolds stands in front of a restored WASP Stearman Trainer. The Restorers - Season 1 The Aviatrix Women Air Force Service Pilots

WASP Florence "Shutsy" Reynolds stands in front of a restored WASP Stearman trainer.

The Restorers - Season 1

"They successfully worked to discover the unique untold angles of a known story that has been captured by other authors and film makers to provide a new, fresh, and intriguing storyline."

 Lin Caywood -Sugarloaf Ninety-Nines

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