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My Very Dearest Anna

World War II was raging. Everyone was stepping up to do their part, including my Grandpa, Richard B. Moore.  In 1943, he joined the Army Air Corps, a small town boy heading off to fly with the 5th Air Force in the Pacific. But before he could leave, he had to go see about a girl…


My Grandparents fell in love through their letters, separated by a world at war.  Their story is told through the mail they had exchanged, following the path of my Grandpa’s training to his bomber missions in the Pacific Theatre.  When the war ended, it was finally time to come home to his awaiting Anna.


Grandpa used to sit with me and share his stories    

about his time in the Air Corps. I didn’t want his

memories that were so important to him to never    

be told again. So I filled in the holes between their letters to complete their story.  This is the story of how my family began.

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Capone's Crew

 "Darling it may be a long time before we see one another again. But I want you to know. Every time I’ve said I love you- I meant it. There’s no two ways about it. The crew was talking about what’s ahead of us, but we all agreed on one thing.

We’re  coming  back."

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