The Work: The Restorers - Season 1

B-24 CoPilot Ralph Lynn
C-47 "Boogie Baby"
The WWII ADT boards "Boogie Baby"
Easy Company member William Guarnere
"Boogie Baby" in flight
Generations of Thadens,same aircraft
Louise Thaden's 1929 Travel Air
Adam White filming Sandbar Mitchell
Filming the transport of B-25 parts
Filmmakers shooting in Alaska
Shooting Alaska aerials
Amy Faust films Tora Tora Tora
Tora Tora Tora prepare for flight
A 1920 Wright glider at Kitty Hawk
Interviewing the Wright Glider pilot
Freeman Field artifacts
Extra aircraft in Stockton, CA
Bomber Camp's B-24
Production team of The Restorers
Outside Stockton during Bomber Camp
B-24 Witchcraft makes her run
WWII WASP with her aircraft
17 B-25s lineup for takeoff
Miss Mitchell makes her turn
Miss Mitchell at the USAF Museum
Many chocks for many Mitchells
Every weekend at Rhinebeck Aerodrome

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