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The Restorers (2003) - Synopsis

The Restorers is a documentary film about warbird & vintage aircraft restorers and the planes they resurrect from the graves of history. Their works often haven't flown in over 50 years and are in the worst of conditions. These individuals are similar to classic car enthusiasts. Their obsession, however, is deeper and obscenely more expensive.


Our story examines the spectrum of restorers. From the everyday guy who is rebuilding a biplane in his garage to the corporation that specializes in warbird reconstruction, The Restorers will find out what makes them tick.


Many antique aircraft perform at today's airshows and races worldwide. How did those aircraft get there? How did they survive all these years? What type of person does it take to sink sometimes millions of dollars and years of their life into a plane that may be just a footnote in history? Come and find out.

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