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CAF Rise Above: WASP

Production Photos


CAF B-29 Fifi standing in
Recreating History
Production cast & crew for the Ohio
Filmmakers Adam & Kara White
Lining up a shot from the 1930s
Racing towards the past
Dawn at Avenger Field
Calling in an airstrike (not really)
Crafting a scene in Sweetwater
Audio adjustment
Last finishing touches on the cast
Action filmmaking!
Filming at Avenger Field
WASP reenactment @ Sweetwater
Hemlock Films filmmaking @ Avenger
Filming with WASP Lilian Yonally
Filming with WASP Marty Wyall
Director Kara Martinelli
DP Adam White
CGI Mockup of WASP B-29 Ladybird
Producer & director in Sweetwater
The logo watches on
Avenger Field sunset

All photos the copyright of Hemlock Films or the Commemorative Air Force.  May only be used with written permission.  Photos credits:  John Hitt, Brooke Mott and Hemlock Films

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