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SteadiCam Show Reel

Being a steadicam operator is hard work, sure.  But it's not without perks.  Like being the one who can bring that shot to life, as only a SteadiCam can.


Yes, I was trained by Garrett Brown.  Steadicam talent, though, doesn’t come from just training, workshops and gear. It comes from experience, like over 20 years of it.


Films, commercials, live events....I’ve done them all.  Allow me to bring SteadiCam to your party, and watch what can be created!

 - Adam White

SteadiCam Operator

SteadiCam Clients


Alive Communications

“Carol” - The Weinstein Company

Discovery Networks   

“Love Finds You in Sugarcreek” - UP TV

“Love Finds You in Charm” - UP TV

"Love Finds You in Valentine" - UP TV     


“The Bronze” - Duplass Brothers Prod.            

U.S. Air Force Museum     


Commemorative Air Force 

“Miss Meadows” - Myriad Pictures

Three Dog Films

Animal Planet


University of Akron

“The Kings of Summer” - Big Beach Films



U.S. Army

Fox Sports Ohio


Running towards the past
Touchback - Freedom Films
Beyond The Powder - Hemlock Films
Red Tail Reborn - Hemlock Films
The Bronze - The Duplass Brothers
Soft vehicle mount
Carol - The Weinstein Company
Mercy - Great Point Media
Miss Meadows
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