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Women pilots fighting for the opportunity to do what they love

A feature-length film in development about the true story of the first women's cross-country air race in 1929. Facing cultural expectations and incredible odds, one young racer's determination helps shape the course of aviation history.


THE Story

POWDER PUFF DERBY is an exciting, adventure drama bio-pic set in 1929, based on the true story of the first women's cross-country air race from California to Ohio. For the first time in history, record-setting pilot Louise Thaden and her aviator friends (including Amelia Earhart) are allowed to compete in their own cross-country air race, while fighting to break the norm and stake their place in society.


At 23 years old, newly-married rookie pilot Thaden faces perilous record-setting attempts while she struggles with her husband, who urges her to step away from aviation and start raising a family. Her determination and uncertainty collide, and she decides to fly in the derby despite her personal conflict. 


With the starting line set in California, 20 women pilots begin their adventure-filled 2800-mile journey. Over the course of nine days, the women face aviation pitfalls at every turn — 1920s technology, faulty equipment, carbon monoxide poisoning, lack of safety precautions, deliberate sabotage, and even the death of a fellow racer. In the spirit of camaraderie, Thaden and her fellow racers work together to overcome the greater fight, getting across the finish line together. To show the world what women can accomplish.


Powder Puff Derby aims to target a broad demographic audience, aviation enthusiasts, and historic adventure fans.  It’s a bio-pic that centers around the true story of women fighting for what they believed in, to overcome the stereotypes and misogynistic views of the times, and in turn, change the course of aviation history and women’s vital role within.

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