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Welcome to the Fundraiser for the Sugarloaf 99s! Jan. 13th-15th Please email me at karamartinelli@gmail.com with descriptions of the items you would like to purchase. I have duplicates of some of the items and some I have different sizes for certain prints. Feel free to ask me questions!!! ** size charts at bottom of page**

Aviation prints- Outfits, leggings and skirts

FOR AIR RACE CLASSIC RACERS - Duplicate prints in different sizes, so you can have matching team outfits!



Amelia Dresses

Ana and Carly Dresses

Ana and Carly Dresses

Elegant Collection

Elegant Collection

Azure Skirts

Azure Skirts

Azure Skirts

Cassie Skirts

Cassie Skirts

Classic T


Lola and Jill Skirts

Julia Dresses


Adult/ Kids

Sarah Cardigans / Lindsay Kimonos

Madison Skirts

Maxi Skirts

Nicole Dresses

Patrick Men's T

Perfect T

Randy and Sloan T

Sizing Charts

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