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Aerial Imagery

For years Hemlock Films has provided projects with uncommon views.  Aerial filmmaking is our bag; both from manned and unmanned aircraft.  We are experienced in telling the story of your aircraft, as well as provide your project the look it so desperately needs...from the air. Whether you need to film from a plane, helicopter or UAS (drone), whether locally in Cleveland, or around the world, we can safely arrange it all for you.

Hemlock Films has hung out the side of a variety of aircraft types.  From Mitchells to Rangers.  From Cessnas to Sikorskys, all in the name of getting the shot.  We use a combination of technical know-how and a cinematographer's eye to capture the story...your project's story.

Gunner Filmmaking

A versatile and affordable alternative for filmmakers, UAS, or drone aircraft, provide high quality aerial vantage points for your production.  Hemlock Films is insured, registered and licensed by the FAA for commercial drone operations.  

Drone Work

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